Operate with any Cryptocurrency without using Cryptostrategy and be able to use rules with them.

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With cryptocurrencies that are not within a crypto strategy, rules cannot be used. They can only be bought or sold, but not create automated rules that would offer a better user experience and many more possibilities.

Several friends to whom I have proposed to use ICONOMI on several occasions, tell me that it is difficult for them to adapt to using Cryptostrategies, and that Cryptocurrencies that are on the rise cannot be bought individually without a Cryptostrategy.

So they give up doing it by forcing ICONOMI to have to create a Cryptostrategy to be able to buy some Cryptocurrencies, they also feel disadvantaged that if they want to use automated rules for some cryptocurrencies that can be bought without cryptostrategies, it can also only be done with the Cryptostrategies.

Not all users also want to have a crypto strategy, it is worth operating cryptocurrencies individually but with some advanced functions, they do not want to have to learn to use a crypto strategy.


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Comments: 1